Gorgeous Window Dressing Ideas To Try This Season

B2G2VAeCQAEVt1fPhoto: Kirkland’s (@kirklands)

Window treatments are an important element when it comes to design. They help to bring the room together by tying in design elements, and it also create a focal point in the room. Neglecting your windows is just going to make the space feel like there is something missing. Whether you are starting from scratch or in need of something different, here are some key trends that will surely give you some great ideas in the direction of window dressing designs.

Natural Material: For quite some time now metallics, glitter and sparkle have taken over, but now we are seeing simpler décor and more raw materials come into play. It’s all about different types of woods and natural textures. One of the most popular window treatments now are natural woven shades. It allows some light to come through, but you still have your privacy. Bamboo for example is an all around great material because it’s sustainable, great in quality, and environmentally friendly.

Incorporate Color: Color window treatments really help pull a room together and make the room more interesting and eye-catching. In design we have seen a lot of white being paired with black or navy, but now a variety ocean hues from teal to aquamarine, even soft lavender, grey, and other dusty tones have been the craze. These soft colors are going to create a relaxing and soothing environment. Jewel colors such as persimmon, orange, and gold are still popular. If you prefer something more basic then go with brown, this color still continues to take the lead.

Simple and Sleek: It’s all about sleek lines and keeping things simple. Having window treatments that have sleek silhouettes really gives the room a modern appeal. The room will instantly transform to a clean and sophisticated space. Panel-track systems are great to keep the design of the space simple and sleek. Made from fabric or woven-wood panels, it can also be used as room dividers. Depending on the fabric, your room can either have contemporary feel or a European style.

Luxurious Fabrics: From silks (which really help wake up a dull space) to soft velvets and damasks, luxe fabrics help to create a dramatic space. Full of embellishments like crystals and beaded tassels, it give the room a vintage and lavish feel. A very popular design element is mixing modern with vintage, so you can have modern furnishing with vintage décor to help tie the room. Though the overall design trend is leading towards simplicity, luxury window treatments are still quite popular. For those of you who like the more dramatic and vintage side to design, this is something you should go with.

Bold Prints: Patterns have been a big trend for quite sometime now. Patterned window treatments make the room unique, interesting, and fun. You can go with florals if you want a more traditional space or graphic geometric patterns to create a more fun and modern feel. One print in particular that is really popular is bold stripes.

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