Coolest Kitchen Tool Must-Haves

Whether you love to cook, or cereal is your sole specialty, everyone is a sucker for unique gadgets. You may not be the next Ramsay, but we think these cool gadgets will have you in the kitchen more often than not.

   Smile and Say Cheese Slicer

Smile and Say Cheese Slicer, Gama-Go

You’ll want your guests to congregate in the kitchen as you prep the cheese platter with this vintage-inspired tool. The Polaroid shaped tool is the most clever cheese slicer we’ve ever seen. You won’t have to think twice about smiling for the camera!


iKettle WiFi Kettle, Firebox

Wake up, stretch, roll over and push to start boiling your hot water – There’s an app for that! Connect this clever kettle directly to your smart phone via Wi-Fi. The kettle comes with four tailored temperature settings. Once the water boils, the app will prompt to inform you and give you the option to keep the water warm.

Avocado Tool 

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer, OXO

Split, pit, slice and scoop your avocados like never before. OXO is making it safe and quick to add this delicious ingredient to your meals. The plastic blade cuts through the skin and the pitting tool allows you to remove the pit. The only struggle left is knowing when to cut them before they spoil!

 Press and Measure Oil

Press and Measure Herb Infuser, Uncommon Goods

Add an unexpected hint of fresh herbs to your salads, sauces and soups with the Herb Infuser. This unique product also utilizes a measuring cup at the top of the bottle, perfect for quantity-conscious diners and chefs alike. For an even better tasting oil, use fresh homegrown herbs.

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