World’s Most Beautiful: The Jane Restaurant


In Antwerp, Belgium, The Jane restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world. Built in a former military chapel, the architecture firm Piet Boon designed the space to use the scale of the building to its utmost potential. The history of the building gives The Jane restaurant a sacred aura mixed with a modern flair, largely thanks to the massive lighting fixture hung the main dining room.


It’s located in Antwerp’s Groen Kwartier area which is known for its lofts in restored buildings and green areas designed by famous architects.Sergio Herman is the famous-chef mastermind behind the restaurant, along with his right-hand man Nick Bril running the establishment. The menu consists of classic dishes with playful twists that are served in courses of three, five or seven. We love the massive arches and large windows, and how the interior decor captures the spirit of the original building.

Photo: Piet Boon

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