Interior Designer Roni Brown’s Fall Decorating Ideas

Canadian interior designer Roni Brown shares some of her fall decorating tips.


“Let’s start with the foyer. I love the feeling of opening the front door and being welcomed with a beautiful setting. In from the cold, the house reaches out to us to come in and relax. Bring in lots of texture and warm accents to add interest and hospitality. Collect pine cones, branches and the like for that natural element at no cost. It feels good to be outside too, even though it is a bit chillier now. Spending some time in nature is good for the soul. Using dried flowers means they will last much longer at much less expense. If you shop your local market for fruits and vegetables, they can also be used in your display. Once they are ripe you can then enjoy them with your meals and simply replace with fresh.”


“In our home we have a silver bowl to throw the keys in that helps keep our house organized as well as pretty; a combination I love. A beautiful, vintage teak credenza has just enough surface space for both form and function. There is also plenty of storage space inside for hats, scarves and all the other accoutrements that we need. Atop the cabinet is an array of vintage finds that I have collected. The whimsical painting is an original that I acquired at a Paris flea market this past summer. I love how it all comes together to create a pleasurable reception to our home.”

Photo Credit: Roni Brown




Roni Brown has been in the interior decorating business since 1998 and has been interested in it for almost forever. Her work has been featured in the Globe and Mail for her past house. She moved to Toronto in 2012 to become a part of the design world. She works with Ethel 20th Century Living and has both residential clients and industry contacts. You can find her blog at MdA Interiors.


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