Nuit Blanche 2014’s Top 4 Must See Exhibits

Nuit Blanche, the all-night art collective in Toronto, happens on Oct. 4 and we couldn’t be more excited for the four distinct areas that will take over the city’s night life and display exhibits from around the world. This year, there are four themes scattered around the city: The Possibility of Everything in Chinatown/Queen West; The Night Circus in Roundhouse Park/Bremner Blvd; Before Day Break at Fort York; and Performance Anxiety at Toronto City Hall/Nathan Phillips Square. We’ve narrowed down our choices to just one exhibit from each zone, with each being the must-see pick of the area. Here’s our list of Nuit Blanche 2014 shows you can’t miss.

The Possibilty of Everything

AMAZE (Exhibition A) 7x5_300dpi_featured_800wide

Amaze – Marcos Zotes – Reykjavik, Iceland

Amaze creates a fully immersive environment of light and sound out of nothing but re-used scaffolding. This outdoor labyrinth provides a multisensory experience with complex branching passages that forces visitors to choose among the many options, with dead ends and circular routes through the paths. Check out this unique maze at 302 Queen Street West (At Soho Street).

The Night Circus

HOLOSCENES (Exhibition B) 5x7_300dpi_featured_800wide


Holoscenes – Early Morning Opera + Lars Jan

This unique exhibit explores the changing and adaptive nature of human beings as we shift through our everyday lives. Over 12 hours, several performers rotate through conducting a variety of mundane tasks. However, they do so encased in a large aquarium like sculpture viewable from 360 degrees. The aquarium floods with up to 12 tons of water in less than a minute, encasing the performer as they deal with struggling for air as they continue their menial task. See this Nuit Blanche exhibit at Roundhouse Park, 255 Bremner Boulevard (located in the park directly East of the Steam Whistle Brewing Company).

Before Day Break

ABSOLUTE SPACE (Exhibition C) 7x5_300dpi_featured_800wide

Absolute Space – Callum Schuster, Brady Bothwell, David Nolan

Taking a little bit of a science approach, Absolute Space is an installations that explores how our eyes perceive. Using smoke and lasers to create a false sense of perspective, viewers enter a cubed room with sets of lasers drawing grids through smoke to create an unreal sense of space. The Canadian creators hope to share the phenomenon of how our environment can affect our physical, mental and emotional well being. Experience it at Fort York, Garrison Common, 100 Garrison Road (Located in the middle of Garrison Common, the open green space immediately west of Fort York.)

Performance Anxiety

Metamorphosis (Exhibition D) 7x5_300 dpi_featured_800wide

Wanwu: Metamorphosis – Bingyi – Beijing, China

Bingyi will create a large scale painting on the green rooftop of Toronto City Hall. The rooftop will be transformed into a breathing, growing painting while and operatic performance entitled Metamorphosis plays out hourly throughout the night. Once the painting is completed, it will gradually be dissolved by water falling onto the paper in a steady stream. While most of Nuit Blanche’s exhibits last for just one night, this is by far the most temporary one, so catch a glimpse as soon as you can at  Nathan Phillips Square – Podium Roof, 100 Queen Street West (access via the ramp roof access. Elevator access available at the City Hall Security Desk).

Photos: City of Toronto,Special Events Office Media Room

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