Watch This Funny Video As Ikea Takes A Couple Into The Future

Ikea Commercial

Have you ever wondered what your future would look like? A young couple was given a glimpse into theirs by IKEA after volunteering to be part of an hypnotism experiment that takes place at an IKEA store, with funny results.

World-renowned hypnotist Justin Tranz apparently hypnotized the couple and made them believe they were living out three different scenarios in their future: at four years into the future, when they get engaged; at 10 years into the future, when  they have to deal with an inquisitive child (played by an actor); and at 20 years later, when they have a rebellious teenager to deal with (again played by an actor). The experiment was conducted in an IKEA store in their bedrooms and bathrooms department.

This is the second video for IKEA; the first video–released a month ago–went viral with over one million views. Watch the funny video here–we laughed the hardest at the “proposal.”

The new IKEA catalogue is now available online at:

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