Fun and Easy Home Decor Trends To Try This Fall

It’s been an interesting year for home decor, with fun and quirky styles coming to the forefront as the leading new trends. They’re easy to incorporate too, and offer an instant update to your living space. Here are a few home decor trends you can try this fall that will still be fresh for 2015.


home decor trends brass

Photo: @megacevik

Metallics are in fashion for fall and carried over into home decor as well. While mix and matching your tones was one trend, brass hardware is the look you have to try. Golden hues will add a lovely warmth to your house as we head into the colder months.

Ethnic prints

home decor trends ethnic prints



We’re just seeing the global nomad patterns coming into fall fashion, so grab on to it for your living room with a fabulous printed pillow. Bring exotic locations home without travelling abroad using exotic prints and fabrics.


home decor trends corduroy


Forget pants and put your corduroy fabric all over your sitting room instead. This is a decor trend that’s just starting to take off and will be huge in 2015. An upholstery dream, corduroy adds texture and comfort to your favorite settee.

Hair On Hide

home decor trends hair on hide


Another play on fabric textures, the “hair on hide” trend brings the outdoors in by showcasing the wild nature of our favorite animals. Don’t feel bad, creature lovers – hide and fur fabric is now routinely harvested in a humane manner.


home decor trends blue


If you’re looking for a new wall colour, look no further than up and outside your window. Everything from navy to cobalt are key for home decor this fall. For something a little more daring, turquoise is your best bet.


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