Unique Wedding Gifts The Bride And Groom Will Love

Sigh! Weddings are a thing of beauty – two people joining their lives together forever, so how do you get a gift that captures that greatness? While it’s fine to stick to the couple’s registry list, it doesn’t hurt to venture into the unique. If you’re really good friends with the bride and groom to be, there’s nothing to stop you from going that extra mile to get them something truly extraordinary. Here are five unique wedding gifts that the couple are sure to remember.

1. A personalized poster of the couple.casablanca-poster

This might work better if you’re really good at Photoshop, but you can also outsource the digital work to someone else. Take the couple’s favourite movie/book/play etc. and Photoshop them into it. Replace Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman with your friends’ faces to memorialize their union. Place the poster in a nice frame and you’ve got a great unique wedding gift.


2. Homemade movies

Here’s a wedding present where you’ll need some of the items to already exist i.e. the home movies. With the way technology is moving, hopefully there’s lots of footage of the wedding couple online to use. If not, ask the parents for old home videotapes. Spend some time going through it and then edit it down to a 5-10 minute film that features the couple growing up and spending time together. You can show this gift at the wedding if the couple is so inclined.  

3. Anniversary wine boxes 465x520_love-birds Produced by, these wine boxes are the perfect gift for the couple whose relationship you know will last. Offering three boxes of wine, each for different milestones of their marriage, it’s a fully customizable (down to the box messages and wine) and unique gift for any wedding.

4. Arrange for a shared experience  

A romantic vacation would be the ideal gift, but it’s a tad pricey for even the wealthiest of guests. Instead, you can opt to have the couple signed up for a  membership or tickets to something they’d enjoy. Whether it’s a museum, art gallery, theatre tickets or sports tickets, they’ll be sure to remember the experience and appreciate your unique gift.

5. Thank You card set

Not only will they be using this right away, but it’s also a gift that can be used for years to come. Make sure to personalize the cards more than just adding their names. Really make it look like it belongs to the couple you’re gifting to. You should soon see your handiwork in the mail!

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