Top 5 Common Decorating Problems

common decorationg mistakes

It’s easy to watch home decorating shows and try to do some DIY on your own home, but there are a ton of common mistakes that could easily be avoided.

Too Many Photos
It’s one thing to be sentimental, it’s another to have your family watching your every move. Keep the photos simple and sparse. If you have a ton, put them into photo albums.

Themed Rooms
If you live in Canada or other cold places over the globe, keeping a piece of warm weather, like a beach themed room, may make you think warm thoughts, but, in reality, it looks out of place and overwhelming. Instead, try to keep it at a minimum with themed accessories that complement the rest of the room. Keep the theme decor for the vacation house.

Matching Furniture Sets
Keep your space unique to your personality by mixing and matching couches, chairs and side tables. A bland set that has clearly been purchased together lacks an intimate feel.

Pushing Furniture Against a Wall
Keeping all furniture against a wall is one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make with large spaces. Creating a natural flow with your furniture is a great way to boost conversation and flow when having guests over.

Material Mix
In order to achieve dimension in a room, mixed materials and textures is a key element to this. Just like the matching furniture mentioned above, mixing things up from the drapes to the lounge chairs creates a better visual appeal.

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