North America’s Most Thrilling Amusement Parks


It doesn’t matter how old you may be, amusement parks are fun for anyone and everyone! There’s nothing like spending the day out in the sun with friends and family and feeling the thrill and excitement of being young and wild again! No matter what you may think, amusement parks are fun for all ages and a must to cross off your list of summer-to-dos. This summer, bring out the inner child in you and visit some of the top amusement parks from all around the world!

Disney World

The list of Disney enterprises can go on forever, but one of their most prominent and notable is their theme parks. With locations based all around the world in Florida, Toyko, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai, find a Disney wherever you are and live your childhood dream all over again! As the most popular and visited theme park in the world, Disney has a way of creating magic for everyone.

Six Flags

Founded in Texas, Six Flags amusement park is one of the largest in the world. Filled with thrills and water splashing rides, Six Flags can be found all around in New York, New Jersey, California, Illonois and more.

Universal Studios

If you’re a huge movie junkie and fan, Universal Studios is a must visit for you! With thrilling rides and attractions inspired by some of the most popular movies in the past century, a visit to Universal Studios will surely make you feel like you’re right on set. Attractions include Harry Potter, Spiderman, Terminator and more.

Cedar Point

For the most thrilling amusement park fun, Cedar Point is perfect for older visitors who are looking for the most exhilarating rides. With a world-record of 72 rides, Cedar Point is home to some of the biggest, tallest and scariest roller coaster rides in the world to reall get you excited!


Besides amusement rides, Seaworld doubles as a marine park for some serious underwater family fun!  For animal lovers, this unique theme park is filled with thousands of aquatic animals, attractions and of course, shows featuring some of favourite underwater creatures!

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