Easy Decorating Tips For Your Patio Or Deck

Stylish outdoor terrace

Looking to have a couple girlfriends over to try your new sangria recipe? Or how about just looking to create your own backyard oasis? Well, we’ve got some easy decorating tips that are perfect for your patio or deck, no matter how you plan to use it!

Lots of Seating

Whether you want to use your backyard for summer parties or to just sit back and relax in, you’re gonna want a variety of seating for your patio of deck. Grab some wicker chairs, a bamboo futon, some lounge chairs – the more mixed and matched the cooler your space will look – for a variety of seating!

Cute Cushions

Add a pop of color to your patio set with some bright colored cushions and throw pillows! To keep them looking their best and protect them from getting dirty, we suggest you pick up some Water Seal Fabric Spray!

Trunk or Coffee Table

Grab that old trunk or coffee table that’s just sitting in storage collecting dust or just pick up a cheap one from a garage sale! It’s the perfect place to serve snacks and drinks!

Set The Mood

Hang some Chinese lanterns or some old Christmas lights to create an intimate and cozy space. Plus to add some light, so that you can use your patio or deck at night as well!

Add Some Greenery

Play up the outdoorsy feel by adding potted plants and flowers to your decor! Pick up some sunflowers, mandevilla’s (pretty flowering vines that come in pink, red and white) or lemongrass to keep the mosquitoes away and place them in the corners of your deck or patio and on your table. Vary the size of the pots (maybe even paint a couple for a personal touch) for a cool look!


Make your patio or deck feel super summery, by surrounding it in curtains for a cabana-like feel. The curtains help to create a private and intimate space, perfect if you plan on reading in your backyard!


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