Tips To Turn Your Backyard Into An Oasis This Summer



While everyone packs up and hits the road for their summer vacation, you can stay behind and hit up your backyard instead. Envelope yourself in nature and let the soothing sounds of water block out the sounds of the city. Take a look at some of these common ways that will help to turn your backyard into a summer oasis.

Plant Lush Trees

Nothing dashes the illusion of a summer oasis faster than being able to see a road or your neighbours house. Get a variety of trees and planet them along the backyard to give the yard texture but also to give you the illusion of seclusion.

Water, Water, Water

What is a backyard oasis without water? Whether it’s a lily pond or a small fountain, try to incorporate water into your summer oasis. It will calm you and help to drown out the noises of the street beyond.

Use Stones

Find some stones that are native to your area and add them in places around your oasis. It could be something as simple as adding visual interest in plant beds or go all out and create a stone walkway or wall.

Create Comfort

Create an indoor space outdoors. Set up patio furniture like you would in a living room to create an atmosphere for conversation. Make sure it’s comfy! Use plush pillows and neutral fabrics that help to accent the nature that surrounds you.

Play With Fire

Build a permanent version or buy a portable fire pit for those cozy summer evenings. There are a variety of models to choose from, just make sure you check out your local ordinances first – some cities limit the size and use of fire pits.



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