Maximize Your Closet Space With These Tips

closetIf you’re planning on adding fabulous new pieces to your spring wardrobe this season, you’ll need to know how to maximize every inch of your closet space. Luckily, having a fashionista-approved closet does not have to be an impossible dream. Here are our tips for maximizing your closet space this spring:

1) Add a mirror:  Adding a  mirror to your closet wall will help you work with a smaller area. The mirror will not only make the space look bigger it will actually help you see your entire wardrobe. It’s like having an extra set of eyes.

2) Keep your closet space well-lit: The miracles of great lighting never fail to amaze us. With a properly illuminated space, you will be able to see into all the nooks and crannies of the space. It will be amazing how quickly you feel find those “lost’ or forgotten pair of shoes. Look at adding a motion activated LED light to save on electricity if you – like us- forget to turn off the closet light.

3) Use Hooks and Hangers: You may think you have no space to hang that new shift dress or that chic leather jacket, but the amount of empty space which goes to waste in the average closet is surprising. Make the most of your area with wall hangers and hooks, which are perfect for organizing accessories like scarves and belts. Hooks are also a perfect way to suspend purses which you aren’t carrying this spring in style.

4) Create separate compartments: A mess of mismatched pumps, tangled necklaces, and crinkled blouses is quite possibly every fashion lover’s worst nightmare realized. Avoid these disorganized scenarios with separate compartments for your footwear, accessories, and folded shirts. We love the idea of a shoe rack to keep your heels and flats under control, as well as a hanging jewelry organizer to keep track of your favourite pieces. Consider buying inexpensive woven baskets of different sizes to store your clothes or accessories.

5) Put away clothes you are not using: While this might seem like common sense, its amazing how many a ‘lazy’ fashionista, leave winter clothes taking up precious room in the closet where the summer clothes should be hanging. Spring cleaning should take place in April and September ( depending on your climate of course). To store everything that can be folded, consider plastic containers which you can place under the bed if you have to free up space.

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