Top Art Exhibitions And Photography Galleries In London

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While London is regarded as one of the ‘fashion capitals of the world,’ boasting some of the most renowned street style fashionista’s, high street shopping experiences, and plays home to many illustrious designers – this road more cultured is looking a lot like a gallery hot spot. In our continued culture series, we explore The Photographer’ Gallery in London – enjoy!

The Photographers’ Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies St, London (

You’ll find photography in every form here – from historical archives, to established artists and those with emerging talent. The Photographers’ Gallery boasts the largest public gallery offerings in London.

Andy Warhol, David Lynch and William S. Burroughs: Famed for his work with the written word, William S. Burroughs also worked as a photographer, though his work in this medium is not well known. In an exhibition titled Taking Shots, Burroughs’ stark photography style is presented to the world, along with its importance and links to his overall creative processes.

Examine the visual links between David Lynch’s popular films and his photographs in David Lynch: The Factory Photographs. When most see industrial landscapes as utilitarian, Lynch sees — and shows us –haunting and beautiful structures, such as smokestacks with graceful, almost feminine curves. The Factory Photographs is the first European showcasing of this project.

Andy Warhol: Photographs 1976 – 1987 will bring you back to the fuzzy memories of your youth. Explore details of Warhol’s daily life over this time period, whether in the park, out on the streets in NYC or partying with the celebs du jour. This exhibit also features a selection of his infamous “stitched” photographs (on now until March 30).

Not able to make it across the pond? Follow The Photographers’ Gallery on Instagram (@thephotographersgallery) as a roster of invited photographers take over the gallery’s feed in connection with the gallery’s showings.

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Photo; The Photographers Gallery on Instagram

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