Emerging Canadian Designer Hilary MacMillan Chats About Fall 2015 Collection


Photo: Ted Belton

Toronto-based designer and University of British Columbia graduate Hilary MacMillan founded her label in 2012, and is relatively new to the Toronto runways. With a black and red colour palette and a mysterious aesthetic, MacMillan made a splash with a bold, edgy Fall 2015 collection at Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week. Real Style caught up with the emerging designer about her new looks for this season, personal favourite designs and why she is proud to source her fabric and create her pieces in Canada.

What’s inspired your latest collection?

My collection is an interpretation of Day of the Dead, so it’s a dark, moody version of it. I was interested in the way that the skull works and the shadows that play on it. The white is the skull, with the shadows and eye sockets. In Day of the Dead, the iconic skull also has red roses around the head, so that’s where the red colouring is coming from this season.

What are your essential pieces from your latest collection?

For my essential pieces, culottes are a big thing and wide-legged pants will be big this season. Anything that is interesting in terms of detail or embellishment, and leather. The collection is full of leather, so lots of leather detailing, pieces and dresses.

Are there any trends that you are not going to try?

I kind of want to try everything, and can’t think of anything off the top of my head. I’m not a big fan of tights, so I guess anything that is stick-thin is not for me.

Also, what inspired you to get into fashion, as a relatively new emerging designer?

I’ve only been doing it since 2013. I was working on Queen Street West, and it’s like the art district mecca of Toronto. Walking around and seeing the street style really inspired me to get involved and put out my own message. That’s kind of where my jumping off point was.


Photo: George Pimentel

What’s your absolute favourite piece or a piece that you’re most proud of from your latest collection?

I really love my leather culottes. It’s thicker deer leather and it’s a wide leg. I’m really into that. My mom and I also developed a print together, which is a falling rose print. There’s a collarless jacket with a leather sleeve which I really love.

Where do you source your deer leather from?

It’s U.S. farmed deer leather. I source it from a company in Canada, and they get it from other companies abroad. I try to keep all of my distributors within Canada, to support other Canadian businesses.

Anything else you’d like to share about your Fall 2015 collection?

Well, I recently expanded to Europe, so some of my fall stuff can be seen across Europe, which I’m very excited about!

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