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Canadian Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Although more established Canadian style blogs like The Coveteur are already well known in the Canuck fashion scene, there are also a number of edgy, quirky fashion bloggers based in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. From popular blogger Jay Strut to emerging names like Kaylee Giffin of The Blondie Locks, here are ten Canadian trendsetters to follow on Instagram.

1) Jay Strut:

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With over 25,000 followers on Instagram, Toronto-based twentysomething Jay Strut is known for his signature style of skinny jeans, fitted jackets and V-neck T-shirts paired with oversized sunglasses. The slim, small-framed blogger attended Toronto World MasterCard Fashion for the first time at age 14, after pretending to work for his mother’s dress shop. Strut began writing a MySpace fashion blog in high school. Since then, he has become a regular at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, collaborated with menswear label Hugo Boss and joined forces with Donatella Versace for a sneaker ad campaign.


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