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New Seven For All Mankind Jeans For Shorter Women Eliminate The Need For Hemming- Finally!

Photo: Courtesy of 7 For All MankindSeven for all Mankind's "Tailoress" jeans

The fashion problem for most shorter women is the constant need to hem pants or jeans who seem to come in lengths destined straight for the super model contingent of our population. Well petite to average sized sister – its time to rejoice. Seven For All Mankind, who carry the best fitting jeans already, have now come up with an ingenious new line called Tailorless which will allow most of us to take a break from having to hem their new flared jeans.

The average flared jeans is made with a 35 inch in seam meant to fit a woman around 5’9- thus creating the hemming issue for anyone who is not a true petite and falls anywhere in between. The new Tailorless flared jeans will come with a 32- or 33-inch inseam, meant to perfectly fit a shorter woman by either eliminating the need for tailoring altogether or, at least reducing how much needs to get cut off at the bottom. Since flares carry a specific shape, cut off to much and you loose the whole point of the flared jeans! ( Don’t we know it).

Looking forward to testing this out with about 90% of all North American population where the average woman’s height is between 5’3 and 5’5′, WWD reports.

photos : Seven For All Mankind, WWD.

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