DESIGNER PICKS: Stephan & Kyriako Caras Talk Top Trends , Style Essentials, His Favorite Fashion Memory And More


With sunny days and balmy nights around the corner, warm weather fashion trends are thankfully on the horizon. Born in Corinth, Greece and trained at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, established Toronto-based designer Stephan Caras is known for his glamorous evening looks, flowing frocks and runway collections with metallic detail. Caras, who previously designed for Guy Laroche and Hermés, believes in creating feminine looks with simplicity. Meanwhile, his son and co-designer Kyriako, grew up surrounded by fashion in his dad’s studio and quickly became passionate about design. Real Style spoke to Kyriako about Caras’ favourite designer picks, pieces and emerging trends for Summer 2015.

1. What are the essential 5 pieces every woman should have in her collection for Spring/Summer 2015? 

Trench coats-  A definite must have to accompany any outfit for that added drama and mystery.

Blouse- No outfit is complete without that perfectly fitting blouse. For the summer, classic white or bright bold colours can really add some life to your wardrobe and character to your look.

Aviator flash lens sunglasses- From your big celebrities, socialites, and your everyday fashionista, everyone seems to be loving the aviator flash lenses in all shapes and sizes. The look is very diverse and can be the perfect accent for almost any occasion.


Cocktail Pant Suit, from our SS15 collection “Luminous”. We loved this quote by Sabrina Maddeaux and it pretty much sums it all up: “This gleaming asymmetrical blazer and cigarette pant pairing is faberge’ egg meets bossy bitch meets sultry sex kitten. We mean that in the best way possible.”

Gold Bird Shoe

For glam nights out, we love this Rockin Gold Bird Cage Shoe by Steve Madden, available at Town Shoes.

2. What are some of your friends’ favourite trends for the season and why?

I find that my friends are really driven towards the 70’s inspired rompers and jumpers this season. Whether as a soft shirt/short combo or dramatic wide leg 1-piece, I find that a lot of my friends are really having a lot of fun with these pieces. They are easy to where and incredibly fun and feminine. Ever since we showed these pieces in our SS15 Collection, they haven’t stopped raving about them!

3. Are there any trends you feel should be ignored and why?

The way we dress demonstrates our individuality and the depth of our expression. Women exude elegance and class by wearing a timeless, well-fitted outfit, rather than following elaborate and short-lived trends. As a designer, this is key to me and my focus is to inspire and celebrate beauty across the board. These ideals are often projected commercially onto us through trends, some of which don’t necessarily suit our character . Fashion should never discriminate or personify beauty, instead we should ignore trends that do not express our character and focus on what makes us each feel beautiful.

4. What kind of woman wears Caras?

A woman that is self-assured and who understands and expresses her natural sensuality. Feminine, confident, and without intimidation.

5. What are some of your style inspirations?

Our vision and inspiration in terms of styling is always to create a sensuous representation by exposing one’s femininity though texture and timeless elegant pieces. Our philosophy has always been to create collections that are feminine and sensual. It is very important to create a well-balanced interplay between curious lines, slender shapes, and soft undertones as a way of making a bold statement while maintaining a sensuous and feminine element to each design.

6. What was your first fashion memory?

My earliest fashion memories come from my childhood when my father used to walk me down the runway after showing his collections. They are some of my most cherished memories and as a proud father, I am truly blessed to be able to do the same for my beautiful daughter and walk her down the runway after we show our collections. I hope these memories are as cherished for her as they were for me.

7. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Although I have been involved in fashion and designing my entire life, I did complete my Honours BA in Archaeology and field work with the University of Berkeley, California. I have always had a deep and profound curiosity in the human condition and culture. How to translate and evoke human expression from material remains. As designers, we draw parallels from this in our industry by letting our imagination take us down a path of creativity and materializing this through fashion and texture.

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