Canadian Designers Farley Chatto, Stephan Caras and Mackage Talk Their Fall 2015 Collections

With Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week officially wrapped for yet another season, Real Style caught up backstage with Toronto-based designers Farley Chatto and Stephan Caras, along with co-creative directors Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy from the Montreal-based outerwear label Mackage. The designers shared their thoughts on their new Fall 2015 collections, which feature everything from luxurious fur at Farley Chatto to functional, stylish wool coats at Mackage. Here’s what these Canadian design talents had to share about their latest runway looks for the season ahead.


Farley Chatto cites his inspiration for his sumptuous Czar inspired collection stemming from finding a book about Czar Nicholas, their history and clothing: “I started digging in and researching, and found out there was so much beauty and there was so much talent there that nobody had really looked into, so I decided to!” He also told us about the essential pieces in his collection:

‘For essential pieces, one would obviously be fur, fur, fur! Whether it’s a coat or a scarf, as long as it’s fur. The second is a beautiful great coat, since we’ve had a brutal winter. Another essential would be great shoes. I’ve always had a hard time finding great shoes that are warm, waterproof and also stylish. The next one is the aqua colour on anything; it could be a scarf, brooch or bag. We live in such a dull, drab climate, so just to put some colour in it. Last but not least, having fun! Mix and match, don’t always be perfect. Things should be a little askew’.


Stephan Caras felt like red mixed with lace and zippers was a wonderful combination and that while all his clothes are his babies, the black dress with multiple zippers was his favorite. His Style advice to women – to look like yourself. “Just to look like herself. I always believe that nobody should impose anything on a woman, for what to wear, in terms of colour or shape. A woman should have the sense to wear whatever she looks good in, for both shape and colour. Then, you’ll look good for sure. It’s how you feel- you can exude that.”



Photo: DailyFrontRow® ‏(@DailyFrontRow) on Twitter

Mackage Designers – Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan told us that their collection was inspired by the polar vortex and cold Canadian weather. Elisa said “We want to make sure you look good and keep warm, so we really focus on making you look glamorous and also beautiful’. On that note they recommended either one of their big parkas or the wool coat with a big fur hat for the stylish, Northerner. Elisa also offered up this styling tip “I think that the fringed scarf which we did this season is the perfect accessory to make your coat look new. You just throw it on and it just embellishes it. A good coat is also an essential fall piece, that’s for sure.”

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