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Shopping Online Can Be The Perfect Fit For Customers


Online shopping can be a hassle because sizing is not consistent between brands. You aren’t able to feel the material, see the details and of course, try it on to see if it fits you right. It’s important to try clothes on before buying it to make sure it’s tailored to your body type. It can be difficult to find pieces that fit right, especially jeans, so shopping for them online can be even more of a dilemma. But what happens when you’re offered to buy a pair for less than $5 and have the option to return them if they don’t fit you the way you want them to?

Ayr, an online retailer that specializes in denim and basics has introduced a marketing approach to their business which is what they call “Home try-ons.” Customers are able to purchase a pair of their jeans for only $1 and they have one week to try it on and decide whether or not they’d like to return it or keep them, paying the full price of $175. 450 pairs of jeans were shipped out and although it wasn’t stated exactly how many customers actually bought a pair, the company saw a 10 per cent increase in its denim business.

Allowing Home try-on’s can minimize the difficulties of online shoppers and increase business for many retailers. If people got the opportunity to try on items before putting a large amount of money onto their credit card and shortly regretting it after, there could be plenty of purchases and less returns.

According to the Wall Street Journal, about one third of online shopping transactions are returns.

Introducing smart tactics into a customer’s online shopping experience can encourage them to keep the items bought as opposed to guessing their size and end up returning the item, dissatisfied.

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