Comrags Designer Joyce Gunhouse Shares Her Designer Picks for Spring/Summer 2015


Comrags, established in 1983, was founded by the creative team of Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish. Described as “prettiness with an edge” the label has evolved from a small local design team to one of the better known Canadian design labels that continues to manufacture in Canada, thanks to their die hard fans. Comrags state that their inspiration comes from everywhere: the street, television, art and literature. In the words of their creators, Comrags clothes are for women of any age; women with a modern attitude toward style; women with self-confidence. We asked Joyce Gunhouse about what to wear this spring and summer.  See her answers below:

Real Style: What are the 5 essential pieces all women should have in their closets for spring/summer 2015?
Joyce Gunhouse: Shirt Dress, a long casual dress, sporty shoes or sandals, black linen slip dress, and an easy denim dress.

RS: What are some of your favorite new trends and why?
JG: Flared skirts and shirts. Easy, fun to wear, and flattering. Shirts: tied, over-sized, bright or white.

RS: Which would you avoid and why?
JG: One shoulder cuts. I don’t think anything needs to be avoided, but if you are wearing white head to toe, or sheer, make sure you have on the right under things.

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