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Trend To Try: Avant Pop


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Spring 2015 offers bright new trends we can’t wait to wear. And one trend in particular is the brightest one there is. The Avant Pop trend is an eclectic array of colorful brights that are making a splash for Spring Summer 2015. Designer’s like Chanel, Prada, Celine and Moschino all dabbled in the bright artsy trend, creating unique, one of a kind pieces that surely stand out from the crowd.

This trend offers an artistic and creative feel, almost like the wearer is a piece of walking art. From materials like nylon, PVC, and sequins, the Avant Pop trend also uses bold shades like neon yellow, orange and green. Geographic patterns like colour-blocking and pop art characters are also commonly used in the trend.

Fashion Snoops describes Avant Pop as “combining animated hues with abstract art, bold prints and daring fabric manipulation. It is an expressive theme that fuses eye-popping visuals with Surrealist imagery, as experimentation in art and design present unlikely juxtapositions.”

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