Fashion Trends

Trending In 2014: The Cool In Kitsch


Call it kitsch or call it crazy, but more than a few collections went out of the box for their fall/winter 2014/2015 catwalks. Look closer still and you may spot the cosmic shift happening within the style community, as everyone from the most high-brow fashion designer to the everyday street styler has poked fun at the idea of wearing what you’re told to, using pop culture, politics and consumerism as their launch pad.

Maybe they’re on to something, but these fashion dissenters are certainly creating what’s exciting right now. Take fashion’s most committed antagonist, Jeremy Scott, for example. Having taken over the helm of Moschino, you would think the American designer would take a minute to get his lay of the proverbial land. Instead he turned it on its head by showcasing the cheeky in chic: an unabashed celebration of lowbrow and prosaic pop culture references.

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