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Azagury-Patridge Charming Collections For Amazon & Topshop

Fine jeweler Solange Azagury-Partridge scores two collaborations, both set to launch this month! One is with and the other is

The collection for Amazon will include five limited-edition talisman necklaces, featuring silver and lacquer charms of lips, eye, sun, heart and rainbow, all strung on an oxidized silver chain. They will be available next Wednesday on the Jewellery Boutique on for $760.00 each. But they will only be available until Christmas.fs-solange-azagury01

Celebrities who have been seen wearing Azagury-Partridge’s creations are Laura Bailey, Sienna Miller and Thandie Newton, but now many more non-celebrities can sport a piece of the collection with the amazon-friendly price point.

The inspiration behind her new collection springs from her childhood. “As a child I used to draw eyes, lips, sunshine rainbows, and hearts. “From when you’re very young these are the symbols that really resonate and mean something to you,” Azagury-Partridge told WWD. “They’re imbued with a power, so that’s why I called it The Talisman Collection. They make you feel good, and send a lovely positive message.”fs-solange-azagury02

And later this month, Azagury-Partridge will launch a separate collection with Freedom at Topshop. The collection will includes a gold- and silver-plated pendant necklaces and earrings with a charm in the shape of a woman on her knees, her hands covering her head. With every piece bought, 50 percent of the proceeds will go towards the Eliminate Domestic Violence charity program. The necklace ($32.00) and earrings ($26.20) will go on sale November 25 on,


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