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5 Classic Handbags That Never Go Out Of Style

There’s nothing quite like a handbag to complete an outfit. With so many different styles, we’ve found that there are only a handful of truly classic handbags that will never go out of style and that you can wear any season, any year. Here are five classic handbags that promise to never go out of style.

Hermes Birkin

hermes-birkin-classic-bagThe Birkin is notorious for always being sold out even though Hermes abolished their waiting list system in an attempt to make the Birkin more available to everyone. But at a cost from $7,500 to $150,000 depending on materials, this bag is not quiete in “everyone’s” price range.


Chanel Flap/2.55




The Chanel Flap is timeless, iconic and a relevant piece of fashion since its introduction in 1955. It is one of the few purses where its value actually goes up over time, and since chain detailing is the next big hit for bags, now couldn’t be a better time to purchase one.


Louis Vuitton Speedy



Possibly one of the most copied logos in history, the classic LV design is at the forefront of the Speedy bag. Its shape, durability and price (under $1,000 for some) make this one of the best luxury brand bags to buy.


YSL Muse



It is one of the most iconic bags in YSL history thanks to its structured yet relaxed bowling bag shape and subtle hardware. Introduced in 2005, it made an instant splash with fashionistas and celebrities alike with its sleek, luxe design.


Fendi Baguette



Arguably one of the first “It” bags of its time, the Fendi Baguette created a sensation when it was introduced in 1997. Designed to be carried under the arm like a French loaf (hence its moniker), it became an accessories must-have, and created waiting lists around the world.

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