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Top 5 Vacation Spots Where Models Hang Out

Top 5 Vacation Spots Where Models Hang Out

Instagram — it’s enough to make you envy some of your closest friends through a series of picture perfect photos (thank you, filters!) but it’s not just our closest gal pals that make us drool. Take a peek behind the scenes with models on vacation and their Instagram snaps while soaking in a little R&R when off-duty¬†from the runways and photo shoots.

1. Sigrid Agren


Happy sunday from paradise #martinique #holidays #carribeanisthebest


2. Devon Windsor

s a n d


3. Andreea Diaconu


Walking on sunshine.. Wooowooooo why do we have to leave? #jumpie


4. Karmen Pedaru

Friends hanging out !!! #holiday #ibiza #relax


5. Josephine Skriver

Tell me it doesn’t look like he’s waving at the camera…




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