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Model Missing for 2 Weeks Found in New York Hospital — Gets Help from Rihanna

Model Missing for 2 Weeks Found in New York Hospital -- Gets Help from Rihanna

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare — leaving a nightclub and not being found. Thankfully, model Ataui Deng has been located after going missing two weeks ago.

The model, who was handpicked by Rihanna to represent her River Island collection and has modeled for designers such as Hermes, Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier, was last seen on August 6 in Midtown Manhattan, after leaving a nightclub.

Sources say that the model is currently going through a divorce, but was last seen by her boyfriend, Grant Monohon, when they left the nightclub together. The actor told the New York Post, “We walked out of the club together. She didn’t say anything. She just left and I expected her to come back and she didn’t. She’s the most gorgeous soul, she’s the sweetest woman. She’s just acting irregular lately. It’s not irregular for her not to come back for a day or two. On the third day I was getting really worried… She’s been missing for too long. I’m terrified. It’s been crazy.”

It’s good to have friends in high places because Rihanna helped in the search and pleaded for help from her Twitter followers by posting a message that read:

While details of her disappearance haven’t been released, sources say that she’s safe and sound in a New York hospital.

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