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Stella McCartney Messes with Fans

Stella McCartney

While in Milan for the launch of her pre-summer 2015 collection, Stella McCartney decided to mess with a few of her fans minds, according to Vogue. The designer said, “It’s all real skins. Don’t tell anyone! I’ve just decided that all that environmentally friendly stuff is boring,” she said ironically about her handbags (McCartney is actually a cruelty-free designer and designs synthetic bags.

She jokingly cleared things up saying, “No, no, no – I’m joking: we use vegetable coatings and materials and we are really pushing boundaries in a sustainable manner without sacrificing style in any way. Half of the women here tonight probably don’t even know the bags aren’t leather, and I find that very exciting.”

This past weekend the designer and her hubby were, however, less than glam while attending the Glastonbury mud-fest. She told The Telegraph, “I love a bit of Glasto. I used to be a stay-in-a-tent girl but now I’m a stay-at-my-friend’s-down-the-road girl. I’ve had many fabulous times there – both before and after the fence went up, which felt like the most devastating thing when it happened. Last year I went with my kids, they were running everywhere, and was the most nerve-racking experience of my life.”

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