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Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Polish-Inspired Shoe Collection


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As we previously reported, Christian Louboutin has officially jumped feet-first into the beauty world with a new, and almost dangerous looking, but TSA approved, nail lacquer that is sure to drive any shoe fan wild. Matching his new endeavour, naturally, is a shoe collection inspired by the new product.

The seven-piece collection features manicure-inspired stilettos ranging from boots to two different pairs of stilettos — all themed around manicures.


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The So Kate pump naturally shows off a caricature manicured hand, while the So Nail pump and bootie are bedazzled with acrylic-like tips in shades of silver, gold, and red.

Louboutin is definitely not the only designer to wander off into a different realm within the fashion and beauty universe. It seems as though this is a natural progression for designers these days. Could it stem from the fact that they’re bored with their current work and are looking for a new challenge? Or could it be that these talented souls are looking elsewhere to spread their creative juices?

While writing this story, coincidentally enough, a Google ad shows off the new Kate Spade x Indigo collection, which boasts everything from journals an agendas to party supplies, social stationary, gifts and books.

Whether it’s a need for capitalism, or just a passion for art, it’s clear that the lines between fashion design and that of home, beauty or lifestyle, are now blurred, and consumers are fast to snatch up the works of their favourite brands and the designers associated with them.



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