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Canadian Model Vin Los Tattoos Entire Face To Get More Work

Move over Zombie Boy, there’s a new Canadian model with face tattoos and his name is Vin Los.

In the world of modeling, it’s no secret that stick-out features are what gets you booked to big name brands, but Canadian model Vin Los is taking this sage advice to the next level — by tattooing his whole face with superficial words.

Los, who is a Montreal native, spoke with Vice magazine and explained that his tattoos are all because he wants more attention to book more gigs and coverage. (And since we’re talking about it, we guess that has worked.)

The model, who is naturally handsome on his own, has even taken to YouTube to become the “most famous man on earth” with 24 face tattoos with words like “FAME,” ‘GUILTY,” and “SEX BOMB.”

How does Los come up with these tattoo ideas? Well, according to him, it’s as easy as going on YouTube and watching today’s biggest music videos and taking words from those songs. His goal is to personify today’s pop culture.

It isn’t just words that this 24-year-old has tattooed on him, either. While he may not have a love of images, he has taken it upon himself to tattoo chest hair, too. Yes, chest hair.

Take a peek at some of his Instagram posts below:

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