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What To Expect From Cara Delevingne’s Topshop Campaign

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Topshop has pegged do-it-all model Cara Delevingne for their new campaign. Cara is expected to start working on the ads later this summer. Although Topshop has said little about the partnership, it’s believed that the campaign will consist of print ads, outdoor billboards and in-store posters.

We’re really not surprised that the High Street brand chose Cara as its newest campaign model; she’s modelled for everyone from Burberry to Chanel, but when not at work, Cara always seems more comfortable in jeans, converse and a T-shirt.

So what can we expect from the campaign? Will Cara be decked out in fancy dresses and high heeled pumps? Or will Topshop choose to focus on Cara’s casual sensibilities? We think it would be wise for Topshop to use Cara’s Instagram power and shoot ads that look more like what she posts on a daily basis. We’re envisioning Cara partying with her model friends while wearing amazing Topshop collections. We’d even like to see Cara behind the lens for a few selfie campaign images.

However the ads turn out, we’re sure that Topshop will make Cara Delevingne look amazing. She may even follow in the footsteps of fellow British model Kate Moss and design her own Topshop collection, after she’s done with her DKNY collection of course.

Photo: Instagram

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