True Blood Costume Designer Audrey Fisher Interview On Dressing Sookie & The Gang


Costume designer Audrey Fisher has been dressing the sexy actors of True Blood since the very first episode. She began her career off-Broadway and then moved on to working on television with the show That 70s Show, the movie Milk and then her spot on HBO’s True Blood. Now heading into its seventh – and sadly final – season on June 22, Audrey has had her fair share of supernatural creatures to dress. Each character has their story to tell and their costumes are an important part of that. Real Style interviewed Audrey all about her costume designs and how she dresses Sookie and the gang.

Real Style: Who’s your favourite character to dress for and why?

Audrey Fisher: I don’t have a favorite character to dress, because each character, from Sookie to Pam to Lafayette, has a unique style, and it’s always such fun to find the look for a specific scene and discover the costume that the script requires for that character’s journey.

Real Style: How do you style Sookie? What do you take from the novel’s descriptions?

Audrey: In the beginning, I liked to use actual references from Charlaine Harris’ books, and that language of clothing helped to form the backbone of Sookie’s “look”. And I still love to stick with the iconic basics for Sookie, because even though she’s grown so much through the seasons, those basics still suit her character so well: classic pieces in pretty floral prints, feminine silhouettes…and this season she’s more sensual than ever!

Real Style: What’s it like dressing the hottest bodies in Hollywood? Any good stories to tell?

Audrey: It’s a dream because the clothes fit so beautifully! No good stories as a discreet costume designer never fits and tells!

Real Style: What’s the best part of designing for True Blood?

Audrey: The best part? The on-going creative challenge of having to dress small town Bon Temps locals while also creating costumes for historical flashbacks, sexy vampires, and “bloody” stuntwork. Each script is an exciting surprise!


Real Style: Tell us a little bit about how the supernatural aspects play into your designs.

Audrey: The supernatural creatures’ costumes have to reflect their history or their special powers, just like the humans, in a way! For instance I always put Sam Merlotte in a snap-front Western shirt, the back story being that he’s accustomed to shifting, and is sick of ruining button shirts, so he start wearing only snaps so he could rip out of clothes easily when shifting. It’s fun to try to humanize the supernatural details with practical choices like that!

Real Style: How much input do the actors give when deciding on costuming?

Audrey: Each fitting is a process of collaboration and discovery. My job as a designer is to help the actor become the character, and the right costume, rich with detail and depth, helps the actor accomplish that. Collaboration is the first step in that process!

Real Style: Out of all the outfits you’ve created on True Blood, which is your favourite and why?

Audrey: My favorites are the costumes that just come together perfectly from concept to execution.The costume that makes the actor feel like their character. The costume that doesn’t even look like a costume…it just looks like what that person would be wearing. Those are my favorite.

Photos: IMDB

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