Emerging Designers: Interview With Eolith’s Katazyna Agnieszka And Wesley Burness


Eolith is what a debut collection should look like. Toronto and Montreal-based designers Katazyna Agnieszka and Wesley Burness joined forces for the first time at FAT 2014 with an inaugural collection of black silks, dyed linen, and strong shapes in a beautifully crafted unisex collection. Real Style caught up with the duo in the backstage frenzy to find out more about their inspirations and goals with their new brand.

Real Style: What’s the inspiration behind your debut collection?

Eolith: We were really inspired by natural movements and organic forms, natural erosion, and the perfection that natural forms can make. Eoliths were actually thought to be the earliest manmade tools, but were found to be geological formations. We like this line between manmade and organic.

RS: This is your first collection together. How did you meet and end up working together?

E: We’ve both been designing for a while and we’ve known each other for almost a decade. We’ve been best friends. And now this is our first time actually producing work together.

RS: Where do you source your fabrics from?

E: Between Montreal and Toronto. We also do a lot of our own surface treatments. We did some hand dying, and we like to pick up raw materials and then surface-treat them ourselves.

RS: What sets your brand apart?

E: We’re about elevating causal garments into very dressy garments. Our garments can be worn with sandals or they can be worn with heels for the evening. We really like that versatility. The menswear works on women, and it’s very genderless and seasonless.

RS: Will you work together again on another collection?

E: Absolutely, this is the first of many!

RS: Do you have any favourite spring/summer trends?

E: We work a lot with linen. We like to contrast between structured and draped. So for the summer, that’s perfect. It’s all about movement and air.

Find out more about Eolith.

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