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How Game of Thrones Has Influenced Fashion

We’re so excited for Game of Thrones season 4 to finally come back on April 6th! We love the ‘out there fashion’ as much as we love the plot lines- ok, fine, we LOVE the plot lines. Seems we are not alone, as numeorus fashion designers from Helmut Lang to Derek Lam (clearly obsessed with the show as we are) have made Game Of Thrones supernatural frocks as the central theme of their own collections.  Check out how Game Of Thrones has influenced fashion this season.

Helmut Lang Fall 2012-

Helmut Lang Fall 2012

Helmut Lang’s creative directors Nicole and Michael Colovos actually used Game of Thrones as their inspiration for the line’s fall 2012 collection. Using a lot of leather and furs, these pieces could be worn by the cast without any alterations. The dress seen above just screams Daenerys Targaryen.

Valentino spring 2014 RTW-Fabio Iona  Indigitalimages

Valentino Spring 2014

In a more recent collection, Valentino’s spring 2014 ready to wear line could easily be seen on the Queen mother herself: Cersei Lannister. This green dress should be red for the Lannister look, but the cut is something Cersei would find very fitting. It’s even styled with a golden lion necklace, perfect for paying debts.

Derek Lam Fall 2013-

Derek Lam Fall 2013

Derek Lam’s fall 2013 line used a lot of natural fabrics with geometric patterns for a sense of modernity. Wool, leather, suede and fur were mixed into all the main pieces. Not all of this collection could go straight to the Game of Thrones set, but we could see this black fur vest on Jon Snow as he defends the wall.

Black Milk copy

Black Milk Game of Thrones Westeros Reversible Skater Dress

Game of Thrones inspired wear isn’t confined to high-end couture. Australian clothing company Black Milk created a whole slew of dresses, shirts, pants and skirts using images directly from the HBO mega hit show. While we’re certain none of the characters would wear these designs, it doesn’t stop you from being able to sport your favourite house sigil.


Pyrrha Game of Thrones Jewelry line

Let’s not forget the all important accessory. Vancouver-based company Pyrrha was approached by HBO to make necklaces specifically for Game of Thrones. Their unique approach to jewelry fits the medieval aesthetic. Each pendant is handmade and features a different house sigil.

Photos via (Helmut Lang Fall 2012, Valentino Spring 2014, Derek Lam Fall 2013); BlackMilk; Pyrrha


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