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Shoe Labels Steve Madden And Brian Atwood Are Joining Forces

Steve Madden on Instagram

The shoe sky’s just opened up, and fashionista’s everywhere have just landed in heel heaven, as brands Brian Atwood and Steve Madden are joining forces.

To break it down, designer Brian Atwood used his buyback option when his company ‘s controlling shareholder ‘The Jones Group‘ starting to sell, which positioned Steve Madden into a win-win situation whereby he acquired the luxury label.

While Steve Madden’s own shoe brand is regarded as a mid-level contemporary label, and Brian Atwood’s is a luxury label – this collision of two shoe worlds was part of the appeal for Madden.

Steven Madden said of the merger, “We’re already in contemporary. Now we’re in super luxury as well. We’re excited to be in both businesses,” he said. “Brian Atwood is a premier designer and he’s also American, which I love, although everybody gets upset when I say that. When you go to the floors at Barneys, there aren’t many American designers. Brian is a Midwest boy and he’s brilliant. We like that.”

The volume for both of of Atwood’s businesses – B Brian Atwood – is estimated at $20 million, but Steve Madden told WWD, “I plan on tripling it in the first year.”

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