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Pharrell Williams to Collaborate with Adidas

Pharrell-Williams-AdidasThere’s no doubt that Pharrell Williams is hot right now. Aside from putting out some great tunes (How can you not bounce to “Happy?”), he’s making making big strides in the world of fashion.

Most recently, Williams caused a stir wearing Vivienne Westwoods’s Mountain hat at the Grammys. Although the hat was the attention grabber, fashion was abuzz about his custom-made leather Adidas Firebird jacket, made famous by Eighties b-boys.

It was Williams’ subtle segue for big news he was hiding, a major collabo with the infamous brand.

According to WWD, Williams (who also works with brands G-Star, a Comme des Garçons for a fragrance line, Moncler for sunglasses and Uniqlo on a shirt collaboration) will launch his new line of products for Adidas Originals later this summer.
“[It’s] an amazing opportunity to work with creative people who understand where I’m coming from and respect my taste while having access to great technology and an amazing brand history,” Williams told WWD.

Although Pharrell is in high demand in the world of style, he assures us that he won’t stop working on what he knows best.

“Music will always be my first love and what I focus on,” he told WWD. “But I’m really appreciative to Adidas for allowing me to further develop and understand my design dreams.”

Photo: Twit Pic

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