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Flashback Of Bitten Star Laura Vandervoort In Real Style Magazine


Tonight Laura Vandervoort’s highly anticipated new show Bitten premieres on Space to a league of fans of the popular book series. Last summer, Real Style got up close and personal with this female werewolf for an interview and cover shoot with Laura Vandervoort in Real Style Magazine. In celebration of tonight’s premiere, we are taking a look back at our interview with Laura and the gorgeous shoot including Tex Saverio gowns.

You’ve been a super hero, a lizard alien and now a werewolf. What’s the story?

I don’t know. People ask me if I choose these, but I think what happened is that playing Supergirl got me a great fan base from that show. Once you’re in sci-fi, you’re in sci-fi. They want you to do that. I love the sci-fi roles, because the women are written in such a dominant, strong, alpha way, which I love. The first day on set [of Bitten], the guys were doing pushups and I was like ‘Whatever’ and I started doing pushups too. That’s just my nature. I’m competitive. Someone laughed because it was in between takes and they had the camera on us. They were panning on the guys doing pushups and then panning over to me doing them too.

That’s so great, because they might expect this little wisp of a girl and there you are.

I have an older sister and it’s just us two girls. I was basically my dad’s son growing up. Honestly I thought I was a boy for a very long time, which I loved because I always looked up to my dad and wanted to make him proud in martial arts and all of that. My sister was a competitive swimmer, so we are both like that. We’re very different people. I was very focused and driven and she had her teenage years. I think I felt the need because my dad works out and he grew up on a farm, so I wanted to be a boy. He would joke that I was his son and he would call me half-pint from Little House On The Prairie. I was very much a daddy’s girl, so that made me be like that with the guys. I want to be one of them.

Read the full interview with Laura Vandervoort and see all of the photos here.

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