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Versace Was The Most Searched Fashion Brand Of 2013

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In the most recent fashion news, Google has just unveiled its 2013 Google Zeitgeist, showing the most search terms of the year and the most searched high fashion brand of 2013 was none other than Versace.

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While the list provides information on what was trending, these results doesn’t look into the brands monetary success or popularity among consumers. In the case of Versace, it topped the Google list of the most searched brands of 2013 for a few reasons, one in particular being the Drake song that pays homage to the brand. The top ‘related search’ of 2013 according to Google were Drakes lyrics, “Versace Versace Versace.” Another reason why Versace topped the list as the most searched brand of 2013 was because of the news that Lady Gaga was set to be the face of their spring/summer 2014 campaign. It’s apparent that Versace has had a wildly successful year, and as a result we can all expect big things from this iconic fashion house in the new year.

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Other famous fashion houses topped the 2013 Google list of the most searched brands, including Givenchy and Gucci. We’re thinking that other than the spectacular collections Givenchy produces, the fashion house was a chart topper because of the brands connection with Kim Kardashian. The highly searched startlet recently made her first post-baby appearance at the brands Couture show in Paris with Kanye West by her side. As well, singer Erykah Badu’s gorgeous campaign with Givenchy has been hogging the headlines most recently. See below for the rest of the most searched brands of 2013 according to Google!

The Most Searched High Fashion Brands of 2013:

1. Versace
2. Michael Kors
3. Diesel Black Gold
4. Gucci
5. Kate Spade
6. Rachel Zoe
7. Prabal Gurung
8. Givenchy
9. Mulberry
10. Luca Luca

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