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Unique Fashion Themed Christmas Gifts

Have a fashion lover on your list? She is likely discerning when it comes to style, but these gift ideas are both style focused, and sure to please even the pickiest, and we know from experience.

1. A ravishing read. Or, more a glam glance. Since this book focuses on fashionable images that made the unforgettable covers of Vogue, the fashion lover on your list will devour this book and be speechless you thought of it.

2. Throw Shade. If only because these shades scream fashion fan, we had to include them on our list. We also know that as fashion lovers ourselves, we would be over the moon to receive such a standout present.

3. Trendy Wrap. Fashionable gift wrap? We would love to receive something so thoughtful, and wouldn’t take it as a hint that you as the giver expect a gift in return. Though we may just be obliged. So unique!

4. Hold It All. Your fashionable friend is likely a crow – attracted to all things shiny. For her shiny jewels, give her this tres one of a kind Urban Outfitters stand.

5. In Case. If you want to provide her with a case that’s really chic, cover her iPad mini with this Diane Von Furstenburg leather carrier. So trendy, and classic in black leather.

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