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Affordable Winter Bag Trends

Winter brings in the need for more, more, more. While other seasons may opt for lightness as a theme, this season’s rule of thumb for bags and purses is to strap up, warm up, glam up and hang on to your handbag. We’ve picked the 5 looks in bags you should have your eye on this winter. And best part? They’re all $65 or less.

1. Something Furry. Either in fur, or fuzz, or fluff, a furry bag can only really work for winter and for that reason if not others, we say go for it. Whether your go to tote will be a furry model, or you just go for our Topshop mini in teal fur, let your bag do the talking. Our pick: Fur Box Bag, $60,

2. Shades Of Noir. Where black is concerned, you can never go wrong adding differing textures and shades of black to a look or in this case, a bag. Black on black? Hold on to this H&M clutch and don’t look back. Our pick: Shoulder Bag, $19,

3. Package In Plaid. Pick your plaid pack or a check sack, as tartan screams trendy this winter. It will add print to any solid look, but also feel confident pairing plaid accessories like your oversized Asos duffle, with a cool plaid top and leather pants. Our pick: Mi Pac Duffle Bag, $65,

4. Holiday Glimmer. Glamour in glimmer because it’s the season when the most metallics come to play. The best part about this season? You never stand to look tacky or over the top in shiny things. This Tasha clutch sure speaks to our fancy side. You? Our pick: Tasha Glitter Ball Clutch, $58,

5. Camo Camp. When it’s time to add a bit of military edge to a winter look, the season’s tough camo looks twist themselves into glam looks by pairing with touches of shine and a crossbody style like this Express gem. Our pick: Camoflage Cross Body Bag, $29,

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