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Catching Fire’s Wedding Gown Design Tex Saverio Talks Fantasy Fashion

This weekend when fans see Jennifer Lawrence in Katniss Everdeen’s breathtaking wedding gown, they will all be talking about the designer behind the awe-inspiring look, Tex Saverio. Real Style has had this Indonesia designer and his fantastical designs on our radar for months now and even had a chance to interview him for our Summer 2013 issue. Learn more about Tex Saverio before you see the film.

Real Style: How did you get your start in fashion? Where did you study?

Tex Saverio: I started my bespoke business in 2006 with support from my family and launched my first official collection My Courtesan in 2010. I studied at Bunka School in Jakarta and Phalie Studio where I took a short course in Fashion.

RS:  What is your first fashion memory? 

TS: I was inspired by fashion that I saw in the Manga book Rose of Versailles and started sketching womenswear.

RS:  Many people in North America may not know about the fashion industry in Asia. What is the fashion scene like in Indonesia?

TS: Indonesia has a very vibrant fashion scene especially for the bespoke business.  It may come as a surprise that women in Jakarta dress like they are on the red carpet for special social events.

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RS:  Your designs are all very avant garde. How do you get the inspiration for your creations?  What is the process of designing one of your dresses?

TS: I get my inspirations from everyday life and attempt to create fantasy-inspired collections from that. The process starts from “imagining” a theme and materials research then draping on a mannequin.  I actually almost never start my designs with sketches.

RS:  Lady Gaga has been seen and photographed in your clothes many times. How did you meet her?

TS: My team tried contacting Lady Gaga’s creative team and turned out they were contacting us simultaneously.

RS:  What was it like designing for Lady Gaga?

TS:  It was very liberating experience as she has no limits when it comes to exploring fashion.  Thus I did not hold back when creating designs for Lady Gaga.

See more designs from Tex Saverio and more from Real Style’s exclusive interview in our magazine now.

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