Black Friday Shopping Tips From Expert Jamie Krell

With the biggest shopping day of the year just days away, now is the time to make sure you have your Black Friday shopping plan in place. Real Style asked shopping pro Jamie Krell for her advice on how to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience. From how to find the best deals, how to use social media, when to sleep and what to drink, Jamie Krell gave her advice on how you should plan your Black Friday shopping this year. See you in the aisles shoppers!

Be Prepared: “There should be a game plan in place. A week before I like to actually go into the stores at my local mall or the outlet mall or wherever you are I ask them what type of deals they are planning on offering, because I want to make sure it is worth it. If my favourite stores are offering up to 90% off, I am going to make sure I hit that store. “

Check Out Twitter: “If you are following a brand or a store that you love, they are going to be tweeting out all of those deals. Follow them on social media a week or two before to take advantage of those offers.”

Leave The Car At Home: “Parking can be a huge hassle for people. There are great transportation apps like Uber and Lift in major cities nationwide. You can just hit the Uber app and they will pick you up, drop you off and you can pay the fare right from your phone, so you don’t have to drive around and waste an hour trying to find a parking spot. That can be a nightmare.”

Sleep At Home: “Early bird specials on Black Friday start as early as 4 am, which is really scary. I say people think that they should [line up overnight], so it tends to be busier. As long as you are there before 11 am. If you can start brewing tea, making sandwiches and revving up your group at 7 am, you can be at the stores by 8 then you have until noon.”

Spend Morning With Family: “When they wake up I have breakfast sandwiches, croissants, muffins and some tea. You need to get something good after that heavy meal. Something that is really healthy to hydrate the body from within. My favourite Good Earth tea. Something that I have been drinking for years is called Sweet & Spicy. I drink it all year long, but especially around the holiday season. It’s mixed with cinnamon and orange so it smells cozy and wonderful. It literally smells like the holiday season. It’s hydrating and will rev you up in a really natural way before the big day ahead.”

Make It A Family Affair: “I like to take advantage of the fact that your with your family and a few hours after thanksgiving dinner I motivate my team and get everyone on board to hit the stores early because they offer discounts and deals that they wouldn’t otherwise offer. The great thing about Black Friday is that you are with your family anyway so it can be a fun bonding day as well. I love the idea after your fun day, take the car home, brew some more tea, put out some munchies and show off all of the great deals that you got that day with your friends and family.”

Hit Up Designer Stores: “I am not a big techy person, but clothes for sure. You can absolutely be finding deal 60% off all of the way up to 90% off. If you have been eyeing something, maybe a designer item or a little higher in price throughout the year, it’s probably the day and time it’s going to go on sale, so I would definitely take advantage of that. “

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