Designer Stephan Caras Shares His Favourite Fall Fashion

Worldly designer Stephan Caras has taken his start in Greece and Australia around the world to create a signature style that can never be pinned down, but is always elegant and feminine. He has shown on the runways of everywhere from New York to Paris to Hong Kong. He has been named one of the top designers in the world. He has graced Toronto Fashion Week a number of times. We asked Stephan Caras to share his fashion favourites for this season.

Real Style: What are your three fall essential must-haves for women this spring and why?

Stephan Caras: From our Black Nights Winter Whites F/W 2013 Collection:

Wool blend mega-houndstooth pattern 3/4 length jacket. Button it up and wrap up with ruched sleeve topper or couture shaped sleeve/blouson topper with an exquisite gold/black braid trim are a must have as they can be worn with any item and/or any colour in your wardrobe. The pieces are classic modern and cover all wardrobe function requirements. Accessorize with vivid colour or stay classic. It all works and it is cozy!

The skinny black jegging. Our F/W 2013 look is a textured all black or coffee/black CROC design accented with Swarovski crystal buttons and rivets taking this look to a new dimension. Dress it up or dress it down.

Get shorty black jersey one shoulder body moulding cocktail dress with layered strands of winter white pearls. A modern classic and the perfect piece. It takes you from semi-formal to VIP formal. Need a topper? You know where to go.

RS: What are your favourite trends this season?

SC: I don’t follow trends. My aim is to design feminine wearable timeless pieces that allow women to express their sensuality. Femininity always.

RS: What are your favourite fall accessories?

SC: Stiletto black booties and stiletto thigh high hugging boots. Circle shaped lenses and also mirrored lens eyewear. My top pick is RayBan apple citrus with matching apple colour frame. Oversize knit sweaters, mega oval shaped jewel tone rings and bolero hats as well.

RS: What is your top trick for making a woman look slimmer?

SC: Everything is about balance: cut, colour and detail.

RS: If women could only buy one piece from your collection this fall, what would it be and why?

SC: Well, three or four would be easy to choose. To pick only one let’s choose the black silk taffeta with sheer French lace bustier gown. She will live in the dream. It is all luxe, sensual, feminine, simple and voluminous and I strongly recommend the stiletto bootie for footwear for today’s modern woman.

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