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How To Get The 70’s Look From Rush

Rush Into Fashion

With the new film Rush drawing praise for its take on the 1970’s race car scene, everyone will be rushing to copy the fashion of stars like Olivia Wilde. We love how touches of the 70’s era always seem to evoke fashion inspiration and this movie is no different as we give you ideas to copy this fun style.

Rich And Racy

With textures like fur, leather, suede and velvet, the seventies was a decade of decadence with a free-as-a-bird flair. The female stars of Rush certainly evoked that freedom-meets-glam thing with ease and lots of colour and style.

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Copy The Movie Look

With this leather fur-trimmed vest, you’ll combine the sleek black modern trend with seventies style. High-rise Stella McCartney jeans are the perfect base to any retro look, of course, and the bow-neck blouse we picked is inspired by the movie’s look. Finally, go bright with a printed scarf and scarlet Eugenia Kim fedora.

Shop the Look
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Photo by Jaap Buitendijk – © 2013 – Universal Pictures

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