Designer Picks: David Dixon’s Fall/Winter Fashion Tips

Toronto fashion designer David Dixon has been a staple at Toronto Fashion Week for many seasons now. His feminine aesthetic has made him a perennial favourite for women who want to look glamourous and chic from the office to the evening gown. Real Style asked David Dixon for his fall fashion advice to help us get that luxe touch in all of our outfits this season.

Real Style: What are your three must haves for Fall/Winter?

David Dixon: The three must haves for Fall this season are a great skirt suit.  The return to power dressing-not like the eighties! The suits are softer and made in unusual fabrics and prints. Secondly, a great coloured/metallic tote bag or clutch, to accent both your city and weekend dressing, be novel and whimsical.  Finally a novelty top.  Look for interesting details that look great with a printed skirt or your favourite jeans.

Real Style: What is your favourite trend for this season?

David Dixon: My favourite trend for Fall 2013, is the return to elegant dressing.  It is not stodgy, it is relaxed and refined.

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Real Style: What are your favourite accessories for fall?

David Dixon: My favourite fall accessories are colourful and unexpected.  Boots and shoes are being shown in great suedes and colours. The high heeled bootie looks great with tapered pants and pencil skirts.  Gloves have always been a favourite of mine, try using different lengths and colours to compliment new sleeve lengths on jackets and capes.

Real Style: What is your top trick for women to look slimmer?

David Dixon: One of the keys to looking slimmer, if that is your goal, is to fit your clothing.  Be true to your size, it is only a number.  Nothing makes a person appear larger than wearing ill fitting clothes whether it be too tight, or too big.  Avoid breaking up your body with horizontal lines and patterns.  Keep dressing monotone, and have fun with print and colour in your accessories and foot wear.

Real Style: If a woman could buy only one piece from your collection, what would you recommend?

David Dixon: If I were to advise any woman about her choice from my collection, I would advise her to buy the “new power suit,” or great Coloured Dress.

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