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Copy Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Casual Style

On the cover of Real Style Magazine, Emmanuelle Chriqui embodies the glamour of old school Hollywood, but on last night’s StyleWatch Denim party she looked casual cool in her skinny jeans and airy blouse. Emmanuelle Chriqui’s casual style is one celeb look you can definitely copy this weekend!

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Emmanuelle has managed to make her casual off-duty style seem red carpet worthy, by finding pieces that are oh so chic. Since this party was all about how to wear your denim, get a pair you can trust. Great jeans are all about the right fit. We copied Emmanuelle Chriqui’s light wash skinny jeans with this affordable denim from Old Navy. Wear them with an airy Diane von Furstenberg Lane Blouse ($330, Matches) to get a higher end look to your denim.

Invest in accessories that will be versatile, so you will have them ready for next time. Emmanuelle wore her nude pumps and matching tan clutch with confidence and for just $94 and $31 respectively, our look-a-likes are a great choice.

Emanuelle Chriqui brought in some of her boho chic style through her jewelry with interesting pendant necklaces and stacks of bangles. Find matching jewelry at the right price like we have found to add your own finish touch to this casual fashion.

Shop the Look
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Photo: Keystone Press

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