Designer Picks: Travis Taddeo Shares His Fall 2013 Favourites

Montreal based designer Travis Taddeo is best known for always bringing the grunge edge to World MasterCard Fashion Week. His tough and sometimes unisex designs are staples for any cool young urban twenty-something. His signature is usually his love for black and asymmetrical pieces, this season Travis Taddeo showed that along with some more detailed pieces like a leather motocross jacket with studding and metal appliqués and fur coats seen on both men and women.  The designer took a few minutes to chat inspiration, who the Travis Taddeo customer is and  his fall fashion essentials.

Real Style Network: What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Travis Taddeo: The collection is about a girl or a guy fixated on the edge, a dark journey sort of coming to life. It’s a bit of a grunge sort of feeling. It was inspired by Mario Sorrento’s photos of Kate Moss back in the Calvin Klein Obsession days, I would say it’s very clean but wearable.

Real Style Network: What kind of men and women do you see wearing these clothes?

Travis Taddeo: It’s really always the same. Someone who is a strong character, someone who likes a different cut and doesn’t want to look like anyone else. My customer is confident and effortless.

Real Style Network: How do you think this collection differs from you last fall line?

Travis Taddeo: This collection we really pushed a lot on the layering and making a lot of very wearable pieces. We had a lot of show stoppers, like the fur, but every piece is very wearable. There are a lot of layers that you could wear actually all season.

Real Style Network: What are your three fall essentials for women?

Travis Taddeo: Suede leggings, a fur vest and a sheer tank top.

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Real Style Network: What are your favourite fall trends?

Travis Taddeo: I don’t consider myself to be a designer who follows trends, so it’s really tough for me to think about that, but I don’t think you could ever own enough black. Everybody looks good in it.

Real Style Network: How do you define great style?

Travis Taddeo: Great style comes down to a sense of individuality it’s about being confident on your own and not really caring what anyone else thinks.

Real Style Network: What is the biggest fashion mistake women make in the fall?

Travis Taddeo: Thinking they have to wear colour.

Photos: Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images for IMG

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