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Designer Picks: Lucian Matis Shares His Fall 2013 Faves

Lucian Matis is known for his extravagant designs when it comes to his main line but with his ready-to-wear Matis by Lucian Matis collection it’s all about clothes that women can wear throughout their 9 to 5 and straight to after work cocktails. We caught up with Lucian  to chat about fall’s inspiration and key pieces you should invest in now.

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Real Style Network: This collection included a lot of prints from animal, to floral and even plaid, what’s the story behind the collection and what were you inspired by?

Lucian Matis: It was a contrast between the civilized world and the wild world so that’s why the juxtaposition of the two creates the wild animal prints and the florals, we have very subdued and then the contrast with the cable and the wools and the heavy texture fabrics, so really it was the fabrics that inspired me.

Real Style Network: What kind of woman do you see wearing these clothes?

Lucian Matis: Somebody that is very sophisticated and wants an easy lifestyle. It’s very interchangeable. I always look at a few elements like the materials, the styling of it, I want to make sure that the client has an easy time styling it. Also the practicality. The fabrics are all European so they are good quality. They aren’t all dry clean, so it’s very easy to care for. It’s a very practical collection. It’s about having fun wearing clothing.

Real Style Network: What are your three fall essentials for women?

Lucian Matis: I love all of these geometric structured pieces like blazers, pants and skirts.

Real Style Network: What is your favourite fall accessory?

Lucian Matis: I love earrings, I think a key item for fall are hoop earrings.

Real Style Network: What are your favourite fall trends that you think every woman should be wearing?

Lucian Matis: When it comes to fall trends I think it’s more about unpretentious clothing, minimalist clothing. Very simple and elegant not too much going on.

Real Style Network: How do you define great style?

Lucian Matis: Great style is about you wearing the clothes and not the clothes wearing you. I see a lot of people wearing all of these layers and beautiful clothes but the clothes kind of wear themselves, the person disappears.

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