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Copy Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana And Class Up Your Crop Top

Star Trek Into Fashion

Star of Star Trek: Into Darkness Zoe Saldana is one of a handful of actresses we drool over fashion-wise. She doesn’t shy away from the avant garde or unique, but always maintains sex appeal and sophistication with her ever-changing look. How does she do it? With looks like this crop top and pleated skirt ensemble she wore recently for a Star Trek: Into Darkness premiere, that’s how.

Spring Trend

With last spring and summer really bringing out the crunches and sit-ups worldwide to allow those who dared to bare midriff in crop tops, we weren’t surprised the trend returned this season. However, designers showed coordinating crop top and high waist skirt pairings, with skirts staying full and tops remaining modest on top for a look that’s surprisingly polished and not at all cheap.

How To Wear It

Zoe is the perfect poster child for the ideal way to bare a sliver of tummy and still look classy and fashion forward. Choose a crop top that’s less like a bra and more like a vest or blouse as she has done, and pair with a full high-waist A-line skirt. This keeps the look retro and feminine. Or, top your entire look with a blazer or jacket as seen at Ruffian. Finally, to take another classy spin on a crop, bare the skin through sheer material instead of complete bareness.

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