Designer Picks: Summer Eco-Fashion Finds From Mala Collective’s Ashley Wray

Next week, the Canadian fashion industry will go green as Eco Fashion Week kicks off in Vancouver to coincide with Earth Day. Vancouver based ethical jewelry company, Mala Collective will join Nicole Bridger in a special eco-fashion night to kick off the week. Mala Collective’s jewelry is all handmade in Bali, Indonesia with rudraksha seeds and gemstones that are collected ethically and sustainably. Real Style asked Mala Collective’s co-founder Ashley Wray for her thoughts on summer fashion that is both eco-friendly and stylish for the coming months.

Real Style: What are your three summer essential must-haves for women this summer and why?

Ashley Wray: A flowing poncho with a bohemian feel — It’s a quick fashionable addition to a summer outfit, and a great way to cover your shoulders from the sun.

A Floppy wide-brimmed straw hat — They’re great when you’re having a bad hair day, and we love that they help protect you from UV rays.

Mala Beads — We love wearing them to help us set our intentions and remind us to live a conscious lifestyle. And they just make us feel good.

RS: What are your favourite summer fashion trends?

AW: Bright colours! We’re thinking bright floral dresses, jewel tones, and maxi skirts paired with layers of our mala bracelets in rose quartz, amethyst, and turquoise.

RS: What is your favourite summer accessory?

AW: The Surfer Mala and Surf Girl Mala. They embody a free spirit that comes with summertime. Both feature turquoise, which is such a mouth watering colour, and is believed to protect the wearer on a journey — perfect for summer adventures!

RS: How do you define great style?

AW: Feeling confident and comfortable. As a woman, having confidence shines through your outfit. When you feel good, you look good.

RS: What is the biggest style mistake women make in the summer?

AW: Clothes that don’t fit properly. Whether you’re wearing something too fitted or too loose, you need to get in touch with your shape, and own it. Be proud of who you are, learn to feel great in your own skin, and find the right clothes to compliment your body.

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